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Laser hair removal is an effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair from the body, and leave you with smooth, fantastic-feeling skin. Book your next session with Lamure Aesthetic Clinic today.

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Body hair is natural, and can appear anywhere from head to toe. If you find that your confidence is knocked by unsightly hair, or you want to enjoy smoother skin, be sure to visit Lamure Aesthetic Clinic. Based in Belgravia, London we offer a full range of laser hair removal treatments, designed to provide effective temporary relief from unwanted body hair.


We can treat a range of areas, helping you to manage your look and feel more confident.

Laser hair removal

15-60 minutes depending on the area being treated. Multiple sessions may be required to get the results you are looking for!

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  • How long does a LAMURE Deluxe Facial take?
    The facial takes only 40 minutes to perform.
  • What are the benefits of a LAMURE Deluxe Facial?
    Deep Cleansing: The facial begins with a soothing cleanser to effectively remove impurities, excess oil, and debris from the skin's surface, promoting a fresh and clean canvas. Steam Therapy: A gentle steam is used to open up pores, allowing for better penetration of skincare products and facilitating the removal of impurities trapped within the skin. Exfoliation: Expert practitioners employ clinically proven exfoliating products to gently slough off dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin underneath. Cryogenic Mask: The application of a cryogenic mask helps to soothe and calm the skin, reducing inflammation and redness while providing a refreshing sensation. Customization: Clients have the option to enhance their treatment with additional modalities such as LED therapy, boosters, lymphatic drainage massage, or radiofrequency, tailored to address specific skin concerns and goals. Skin Repair and Protection: The facial is completed with the application of a specially formulated skin repair moisturizer, delivering nourishment and hydration to the skin, followed by SPF50 suncream to protect against harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal skin health and longevity. Meticulously Researched Skincare: LAMURE's Deluxe Facial utilizes meticulously researched skincare products and techniques, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns, providing unparalleled results.
  • What add-ons can I add to the LAMURE Deluxe Facial?
    Green LED Red + Blue LED Lymphatic Drainage Mask Booster Radio Frequency Teeth Whitening
  • What is Aqualyx?
    Aqualyx is a solution containing a compound called desoxycholan-acid, which is a bile acid derivative. It is used for the non-surgical reduction of localized fat deposits.
  • How Does Aqualyx Work?
    Aqualyx works by breaking down fat cells, liquefying them, and allowing the body to naturally eliminate the fat through the lymphatic system. It is commonly used for areas with stubborn fat deposits, such as the chin, abdomen, thighs, and flanks.
  • What Areas Can Aqualyx Treat?
    Aqualyx is often used to treat areas with localized fat deposits, including the chin (double chin), abdomen, thighs, hips, and flanks.
  • How is Aqualyx Administered?
    Aqualyx is administered through injections directly into the targeted fat deposits. The procedure is typically performed by a qualified healthcare professional.
  • What causes discolouration?
    Tooth discoloration primarily stems from the absorption of pigmented substances found in items we commonly consume, such as tannins (present in red wine and tea), tobacco, and coffee. These substances infiltrate the enamel layer of the tooth, leading to discoloration of the dentin beneath. Additionally, factors such as age and certain medications can contribute to tooth discoloration.
  • What is in our Teeth Whitening formula?
    ProZero-Max formula is an advanced whitening formula that utilises one of the newest and most effective non-peroxide oxidising agents. Once in contact with the teeth it is activated by exposure to a measured, cool blue light frequency, the formula then releases its oxygenated properties and cleaning agents. This creates pressure and pushes the oxygen deep into the core of the tooth (called the dentin layer) and begins to oxidise the molecules that causes the tooth surface to appear yellow, dark and stained in colour – this restores the teeth back to their natural white appearance. The beauty of this advanced formula is that all of this is achieved without any damage to the tooth structure and enamel, and without any pain or sensitivity being experienced – unlike most peroxide-based tooth whitening products and procedures.
  • Do our teeth whitening products cause pain, sensitivity or damage?
    No! ProZero-Max is a 100% safe, UK Dental Laboratory designed and UK laboratory assessed formula that causes no pain or sensitivity, or damage to the teeth and the gums.
  • Can I use if I have caps, crowns, bridges or veneers?
    Unlike with peroxide-based formulas, yes you can with White&Co! Our gentle formula works to oxidise surface stains on composites like caps and veneers to help restore them back to their original colour without causing any damage. Please note, composites of any form cannot be whitened beyond their original colour.
  • What is Laser Genesis?
    Laser Genesis is a revolutionary laser treatment that harnesses the power of laser heat to stimulate collagen production, diminish fine lines, refine skin texture, and shrink pore size. This advanced technology offers a painless and downtime-free experience, catering to all skin types. By utilizing the state-of-the-art Cutera nD-YAG 1064nm laser, Laser Genesis delivers micro pulses to gently heat the upper dermis. This gentle yet effective stimulation not only encourages collagen production but also helps reduce redness, resulting in a rejuvenated and more even complexion. Experience the transformative benefits of Laser Genesis at LAMURE, where science meets beauty for radiant skin.
  • What Laser Genesis treat?
    Wrinkles, Diffuse redness, Rosacea, Acne Scarring, Pore size, Texture and quality of skin, Surgical scars, Hyperpigmentation, Melisma
  • What are the side effects to Laser Genesis?
    The hallmark side effect of Laser Genesis? Simply put: beautiful skin! With minimal, if any, common side effects, Laser Genesis sets a new standard in skin rejuvenation. The treatment may leave the skin with a rosy hue, akin to a healthy glow, but downtime is nonexistent. Experience the transformative power of Laser Genesis without worry, as you unveil radiant, revitalized skin with every session.
  • How long do the results from Laser Genesis last
    The duration of results from Laser Genesis treatments can vary depending on individual factors, with many experiencing sustained improvements for at least 6-12 months. To optimize and prolong results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart. However, it's important to note that the longevity of results is significantly influenced by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, diet, and the use of appropriate skincare products. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adhering to a tailored skincare regimen, you can enhance and prolong the benefits of Laser Genesis, ensuring radiant and youthful-looking skin for longer periods.
  • What is a SkinStorm Facial?
    A SkinStorm Facial is a world’s first in treatment layering, in 6 unique element steps to deliver everything the skin needs to intensively rejuvenate, repair, super cleanse, resurface and smooth, renew and actively attack congestion while the patented dissolvable oxygen infusion containing drone technology is driven into the skin to offer a true inside out treatment, creating a mattress effect to plump and firm, while the dissolvable oxygenating infusion and active ingredients travel to where they are needed to help kill bacteria on an acne prone congested skin.
  • What are the six elements that make up the SkinStorm Facial?
    The Crystal Clear SkinStorm system delivers unparalleled non-surgical results by integrating six cutting-edge elements into one cohesive device. Vacuum Cleansing and Oxygenation: Provides thorough cleansing and oxygenation to purify the skin deeply. Microdermabrasion Resurfacing with Phototherapy: Combines microdermabrasion resurfacing with phototherapy to rejuvenate and heal the skin, promoting a smoother complexion. Peel with Dissolvable Oxygen: Hydrates and revitalizes the skin through a peel enriched with dissolvable oxygen, restoring its natural radiance. Microneedling (0.5mm): Stimulates cellular processes, enhances collagen production, and firms the skin for a more youthful appearance. High-Pressure Hylo Fusion Filler: Delivers FGF-10 serum using high-pressure technology to plump the skin's upper layers, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Trifusion Triple Light Phototherapy: Repairs and stimulates the skin through the use of triple light phototherapy, promoting overall skin health and vitality.
  • Is the procedure right for me?
    As each client's body, skin, and goals are unique, a comprehensive consultation with one of our expert aesthetic therapists is imperative before embarking on any advanced non-surgical treatment. During this consultation, your aesthetic therapist will engage in a detailed discussion regarding your areas of concern, desired enhancements, available treatment options (including the option of no treatment), and anticipated outcomes. Additionally, a thorough medical history will be documented, and photographs will be taken to establish a baseline before treatment commencement. Those who have recently undergone Botox treatment should wait for a minimum of 14 days before proceeding with the LAMURE Crystal Clear Skinstorm Facial. Similarly, individuals who have received Dermal Filler treatments should wait for a duration of 1 month before undergoing Skinstorm. These precautionary measures ensure optimal safety and efficacy, tailored to each patient's specific needs and circumstances.
  • Are there any side effects?
    With proper aftercare the Skinstorm treatments will not produce any side effects. The facial is renowned for its non-invasive, safe, and painless nature, often described by patients as wonderfully relaxing. Any post-treatment flushing of the skin is temporary and typically subsides rapidly, leaving behind a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.
  • What should I do after my treatment?
    After undergoing a Skinstorm treatment, it's essential for patients to observe certain precautions to ensure optimal results. Post-Skinstorm Treatment Care Guidelines: Avoid Additional Facial Treatments: Refrain from undergoing any other facial treatments for at least 48 hours following Skinstorm treatment. This allows the skin to fully recover and benefit from the procedure. Steer Clear of Heat Treatments: Avoid exposure to heat sources such as saunas or steam rooms during the initial 48 hours post-treatment. Heat can exacerbate skin sensitivity and compromise the results of the SkinStorm procedure. Minimize Product Usage: In the first 24 hours after treatment, steer clear of self-tanners, or heavy makeup application. Additionally, try to refrain from touching the treated area to prevent potential infections, as the skin's pores may be more vulnerable during this time. Stay Hydrated: Encourage patients to drink plenty of water post-treatment. Hydration aids in flushing out toxins released during the procedure, promoting skin rejuvenation and overall well-being. By adhering to these guidelines, patients can optimize the outcomes of their Skinstorm treatment and promote a healthy, radiant complexion.
  • When will I see results?
    After undergoing a Skinstorm skin resurfacing treatment, patients typically experience a multitude of benefits, including deeply cleansed, brighter, and smoother skin with a more even tone. Impurities and imperfections are visibly reduced, contributing to a clearer complexion. Additionally, the skin feels firmer, plumper, and lifted, enhancing its overall appearance and texture. With continued sessions the results will become greater and you'll achieve Crystal Clear skin 💎
  • Are there any side effects?
    You may feel some soreness and redness, this is normal just after your treatments. If this persists after a few days, speak to your GP as soon as possible.
  • How long will it last?
    Depending on the area it can last between 6-18 months, but personal results may vary.
  • How much do I need?
    We will discuss this during your consultation.
  • Do you use any anaesthetic?
    A topical anaesthetic cream is used.
  • How do I prepare for a laser hair removal treatment?
    To optimize your laser treatment experience, it's essential to adhere to certain preparatory measures. Avoid sun exposure, tanning methods, or creams for a minimum of two weeks leading up to your appointment. Additionally, refrain from hair removal methods such as waxing or threading for at least one to two weeks prior to your scheduled treatment. Furthermore, it's important to inform your medical professional about any existing medical conditions or medications you may be taking to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.
  • Is the hair removal permanent?
    Typically, patients notice a substantial reduction in unwanted hair appearance following five to eight sessions of Cutera Xeo laser treatment. Subsequent annual touch-up sessions can effectively manage any minor hair regrowth. The procedure is performed in-office, offering the convenience of no specific downtime or discomfort for patients.
  • What factors influence the effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal?
    The effectiveness of our laser hair removal treatments is influenced by the unique characteristics of each patient's skin and hair. Optimal outcomes are typically achieved when the laser can target pigment variations, such as dark hair against light skin. In this scenario, the pigment absorbs the concentrated light, yielding the best results. However, individuals with lighter hair may not experience the same level of effectiveness with laser treatment. Additionally, the longevity of results is influenced by factors such as the natural structure and growth rate of the patient's hair. Sustainability of outcomes varies among patients, with some requiring more treatment sessions than others to achieve desired results. Therefore, the number of sessions needed for satisfactory results may differ from the average, depending on individual circumstances.
  • What are the risks involved in a laser hair removal treatment?
    While laser treatments are generally safe, it's important to acknowledge potential risks. These may include burns, scarring, or pigmentations. However, the likelihood of severe side effects is exceedingly low when the procedure is administered by a licensed practitioner. Our laser staff boasts a combined experience of 50 years in the industry, ensuring the highest level of expertise and proficiency in ensuring patient safety and optimal outcomes.
  • What is Limelight IPL?
    With non-invasive technology, Limelight presents a rejuvenating solution for your skin. By targeting aging signs and photo damage, it effectively enhances skin tone and reduces surface imperfections, providing a comprehensive approach to skin revitalization.
  • What areas can be treated?
    Our Limelight IPL treatment is versatile, suitable for various areas such as your face, neck, or chest, where you may experience skin redness, small red veins, or brown spots. Particularly effective against light brown spots that have been stubborn to treat, Limelight offers a highly responsive solution for these concerns.
  • What happens after the treatment?
    Right after the treatment, you may notice that brown spots darken and your skin may appear slightly red. Mild swelling and a sensation akin to a mild sunburn may also occur in the treated area. These effects usually subside within a few hours, but in some cases, they may last a day or slightly longer. You can apply makeup to conceal any redness if desired.
  • When will I see results?
    Over the course of one to three weeks following treatment, you'll notice the darkened spots beginning to flake off and gradually fade away. Additionally, any diffuse redness or small broken veins will diminish, resulting in an improved complexion with reduced mottling.
  • What types of aesthetic treatments do you offer at your clinic?
    Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments, including but not limited to Laser Genesis, Exosome Microneedling, Dermal Fillers, and Teeth Whitening. Visit our Treatments page for detailed information on the treatments we offer.
  • How do I schedule a consultation with one of your aesthetic professionals?
    You can book a consultation: - On this webpage with our expert aestheticians! - Visit us in-clinic! - Call us on 0208 143 6200! - Whatsapp us on 07534202001
  • Are your aesthetic procedures safe, and what qualifications do your practitioners have?
    Our Aestheticians have all the relevant qualifications by either or all of the following: Medical Doctors, General Dental Nurse Qualifications, Aesthetic Certifications (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Our Aestheticians also have won numerous awards in the industry for their work in Aesthetics!
  • What can I expect during and after an aesthetic procedure?
    During your initial consultation, our professionals will tailor the discussion to your specific procedure, covering the treatment process, anticipated outcomes, and potential downtime or side effects. Following the procedure, we offer comprehensive aftercare instructions, and our team remains accessible to address any concerns you may encounter during your recovery period.
  • Who is Amanda Caroline?
    Amanda Caroline a founder led English brand, passionate about better ageing and skin health. They take a scientific approach working with experts to create high efficacy products. Amanda Caroline is innovative, creating unique formulas to achieve the best results; making & testing all our products in the UK with high quality ingredients. Amanda Caroline is inspired by nature & use botanicals and plant technology!
  • Are Amanda Caroline products Vegan friendly?
    All Amanda Caroline products are vegan friendly, and their cartons use vegetable inks!
  • Are Amanda Caroline products suitable for oily skin?
    Yes, all of Amanda Caroline products are suitable for all skin types, we have seen amazing results reducing shine from T-zone and rebalancing and restore to create a long-lasting and clear complexion
  • Do Amanda Caroline products contain Sulphates or Parabens?
  • What types of facials does Skinceuticals offer, and how do I choose the right one for my skin concerns?
    LAMURE presents an extensive range of SkinCeuticals facial treatments meticulously formulated to target precise skin concerns, including hydration, anti-aging, and brightening. Our highly skilled aestheticians conduct a comprehensive skin assessment during a personalized consultation to discern your unique requirements. With their expertise, they will recommend the most suitable facial tailored precisely to address your individual needs, ensuring optimal results and an exceptional skincare experience.
  • How can I book a SkinCeuticals facial at your clinic?
    Booking a Skinceuticals facial is effortless and convenient. Simply visit our website's booking page to explore the diverse range of options available. You can schedule an appointment seamlessly using our user-friendly online booking system. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to our clinic directly for assistance in booking your appointment. Our dedicated staff is readily available to assist you over the phone at 0208 143 6200. Let us help you embark on your journey towards radiant and revitalized skin with ease and confidence.
  • Are SkinCeuticals facials safe for all skin types, and do they have any potential side effects?
    Skinceuticals facials prioritize safety and efficacy, underpinned by meticulous formulation and rigorous training of our aestheticians. Each treatment is personalized to your unique skin type, ensuring optimal results and minimal risk. While side effects are rare, some individuals may experience temporary mild redness or sensitivity. Rest assured, during your consultation, we'll thoroughly discuss any potential side effects and address all your concerns, prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process.
  • What is the recommended frequency for SkinCeuticals facials, and how long do the results last?
    The frequency of SkinCeuticals facials is tailored to your specific skin concerns and desired goals. Our expert aestheticians will offer personalized recommendations during your consultation, ensuring that your treatment plan aligns perfectly with your schedule and needs. While individual results may vary, many clients experience an immediate improvement in their skin's appearance after a facial. Moreover, regular facials play a vital role in promoting long-term skin health. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you on how to maintain and enhance your results with a customized skincare routine designed just for you.
  • What are Exosomes?
    Exosomes, distinct from cells as they lack replication capabilities, play a crucial role in tissue healing, regeneration, and repair. But how does this happen? Packed with a variety of biomolecules like proteins, growth factors, lipids, and nucleic acids such as messenger RNA (mRNA) and microRNA (miRNA), exosomes serve as messengers shuttling between stem cells and other cells. Picture them as tiny envelopes of regeneration, facilitating communication and promoting healing from cell to cell.
  • Why Microneedle Exosomes?
    Imagine this: a staggering 13,440,000 exosomes per second, equating to a potential delivery of 806,400,000 exosomes per minute, all with the remarkable ability to regenerate tissue. This vast number of exosomes can penetrate deeply and evenly into the skin, offering unparalleled rejuvenation potential. Rather than simply injecting exosomes, the superior technique of microneedling with Dermapen 4 ensures optimal delivery. By harnessing the precision of microneedling, exosomes are dispersed evenly across the skin, maximizing their effectiveness in promoting regeneration and revitalization.
  • Exosomes vs PRP?
    Elevating the standard beyond PRP, microneedling with exosomes represents the pinnacle of skin rejuvenation. Unlike PRP, exosome therapy transcends limitations, catering to all skin types, aesthetic concerns, and diverse skin tones and colors. Its universal suitability underscores its versatility and efficacy, offering a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking optimal skin revitalization.
  • Exosomes vs Stem Cells?
    Exosomes stand out as a superior source of growth factors, surpassing even stem cells in concentration and diversity. Derived from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), exosomes deliver a potent cocktail of skin-rejuvenating elements. With a robust profile comprising 800 proteins, 1000 peptides, antioxidants, and 373 lipids, MSC-derived exosomes offer a comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation, ensuring a focused and effective treatment regimen.
  • What is a Chemical Peel?
    A chemical peel involves the application of a specialized chemical solution to the skin, targeting the removal of its top layers. This process stimulates skin regeneration, resulting in improvements to various skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. By promoting cellular turnover and collagen production, chemical peels offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing skin texture and appearance.
  • How does a Chemical Peel work?
    During a peel, the chemical solution induces controlled injury to the skin, triggering the body's natural healing response. As a result, new collagen and elastin are produced, leading to enhanced skin texture and a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. This process effectively addresses various skin concerns and helps to restore skin vitality and resilience.
  • What skin issues can Chemical Peels address?
    Chemical peels offer a versatile solution for addressing an array of skin concerns, including acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. By effectively exfoliating the skin and stimulating collagen production, chemical peels promote renewal and rejuvenation, leading to a smoother, more radiant complexion.
  • Is there downtime after a chemical peel?
    The downtime associated with chemical peels depends on the depth of the peel. Superficial peels typically entail minimal downtime, characterized by mild redness and peeling. In contrast, deeper peels may necessitate longer recovery periods, often accompanied by swelling and crusting. It's essential to follow post-treatment instructions diligently to optimize healing and minimize any discomfort or complications.
  • Who is Dr Ivy?
    Since graduating from the University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 2000, Dr Ivona has been working in the Dental and Aesthetics industry. Dr Ivy is also a member of the Medical Board of Biosciences and former President of the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics.
  • What is Face Design?
    Face Design, pioneered by Dr. Ivy, is an innovative technique that meticulously maps the facial contours to achieve aesthetic harmony when administering injectables like dermal fillers and line softeners. By customizing treatments based on individual facial anatomy and desired outcomes, Face Design ensures natural-looking results that enhance overall facial symmetry and balance.
  • What does Dr Ivy specialise in?
    Dentistry, Aesthetics, Injectables and Stem Cells. Dr Ivy is the latest pioneer in Stem Cell Therapy, with an interest in their regenerative properties. She is an official trainer in Stem Cell Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
  • How long does a session last?
    30 - 90 minutes, depending on the consultation given by Dr Ivy.
  • What is Mesotherapy?
    Mesotherapy, a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, entails the precise injection of a blend comprising vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other bioactive substances into the mesoderm, the middle layer of the skin. This targeted approach effectively addresses various concerns, including cellulite, wrinkles, and localized fat deposits, promoting rejuvenation and enhancing skin health from within.
  • What Substances are Used in Mesotherapy Injections?
    The exact formulation of substances used in mesotherapy injections can vary, but common ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamins (such as vitamin C and B-complex vitamins), minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.
  • Is Mesotherapy Painful?
    Pain levels can vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, while others may find it more uncomfortable.
  • Are There Any Side Effects of Mesotherapy?
    Common side effects may include swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort at the injection site. Serious complications are rare but can include infection, allergic reactions, and skin irregularities.
  • What is Profhilo?
    Profhilo is a patented injectable treatment that contains stabilized hyaluronic acid. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, Profhilo is known for its unique spreading ability, providing overall skin hydration and stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  • How Does Profhilo Work?
    Profhilo works by providing deep hydration to the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It is injected into specific points on the face, and its unique structure allows it to spread evenly beneath the skin, improving overall skin quality.
  • Is Profhilo a Filler?
    Profhilo is not a traditional dermal filler in the sense that it doesn't add volume to specific areas. Instead, it focuses on improving overall skin quality, hydration, and elasticity.
  • Is Profhilo Painful?
    Most people tolerate Profhilo injections well. The procedure involves multiple injections, but many practitioners use fine needles, and the discomfort is usually minimal. Some practitioners may use a topical anesthetic to further minimize any discomfort.
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